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Okay, so…it’s been a while and a half since I’ve made a post.  Where have I been?! Really though.  Basically, I graduated college and started the job seeking and all of that slightly mundane stuff.  Anyway, being consistently involved in the job search sludge can make you want to die, or at least beg God to forgive you for guiltily indulging in an hour long outlet of pinning recipes I will never even consider attempting on Pinterest. 

That was where I found the pin that prompted this post: ‘How To Be Attractive in 9 Easy Steps.’ While I found everything on this list to be useful and truthful, number six really resonated with me.  What is number six? Well, since you asked: ‘Have three hobbies that do not involve a screen.’ 

I’m aware of how ridiculous my interest in this particular tip seems, considering I discovered it on Pinterest, eyes glued to my iPad.  And now, being that I’m clacking away on my laptop keyboard.  I’ll be the first to admit that I have a bit of an obsession with hobbies that DO involve screens.  I’m obsessed with television shows and movies, I’m constantly iMessaging on my iPhone to friends throughout the day, reading on my Kindle, listening to music on my iPod, playing Temple Run on my iPad, and damn, even after all of that, I hop on my laptop to see what else I can discover.  Part of me finds nothing wrong with this.  Why not take advantage of burgeoning technology to stay connected and updated and presented with the ability to find the nearest Starbucks with the tap of a screen? But after struggling to think of my three hobbies without a screen, I was slightly embarrassed to realize that I was coming up blank.  Hey, I read, that counts, right? Except, wait. Sometimes that takes place on my Kindle, which is, in fact, a SCREEN. 

My best friends and I were sitting around a table at a restaurant, chomping away on cheese calzones while discussing this and decided it was something that we really wanted to pursue.  We threw out ideas…hiking? reading (actual books, lol)?  We even googled some hobbies.  Again, with the screen.  We are just so addicted, aren’t we? 

But at the end of the day, I think any kind of activity that you enjoy and that gets you away from your phone, computer, screen of any sort, and relaxes you, is a worthy hobby, at least in my book.  As far as I go, I’m thinking maybe I’ll attempt gardening, going for regular walks with my dog as it gets warmer, and yoga. 

The most important part of this is focusing on yourself and the activity that betters you and keeps you feeling productive and centered.  Now, I’m about 98 percent sure that noone is going to read this, but I have to say, getting it out there does make me feel better and more motivated. 

If anyone does happen to skim over this, what are your hobbies? Do you find yourself attached to your various means of technology?  Tell me below!

Until next time….HHH.

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oh so polished

It’s no secret to my friends that I’m slightly obsessed with nail polish.  Okay…slightly may be a bit of an understatement.  I tend to lust after any new collection that Essie and OPI produce.  It’s such an easy way to add a pop of color or a splash of excitement to an outfit.  For instance, say you have a dress that is very feminine and you would like to add a slightly rougher edge to your overall look.  A dark burgundy, navy, or black nail polish offers a great way to balance the look so that you won’t feel quite so dainty or overtly ‘girly.’

Here’s a perfect example:

Lauren Conrad is wearing a very delicate top with understated jewelry.  Additionally, her hair and makeup are very soft and feminine.  However, her nails are a very dark hue, which definitely pops against the outfit.   This keeps the look from appearing as a dainty ‘cliché’ of an outfit and prevents any type of sweet overkill.

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Kristen Stewart provides a great example of how a brightly colored nail polish can liven up an outfit.  The dress she is wearing seems pretty straightforward, with metallic hues and otherwise basic tones.  She unexpectedly pairs this with a vibrant aqua-turquoise color that really gives her look a fresh, youthful feel.  I love how she pulled this off.

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what the hair?

You know, hair can really say a lot about a person.  It also really adds to a person’s overall look.  I’ve noticed how much it contributes to the styling of outfits in various lookbooks and photoshoots.  With my favoring of the bohemian themed style, I love waves, braids, and quirky up-dos.

Here’s Sienna Miller, sporting a sweet wrap-around braided headband, a spin on a ‘Heidi’ themed style.

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This is a lovely, flattering style that Lauren Conrad is sporting.  The loose twists and soft waves are very feminine.

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This hairstyle, as seen here on Amanda Bynes, is such a creative spin on what is ordinarily a very simple style.  The two mini-french braids and the center part make this look effortlessly pretty. 

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ring a ding ding

So, let’s talk rings.  It’s kind of amazing how something that goes on your finger can make a whole outfit, start a conversation, or even change your life (as in, say, a Tiffany’s engagement ring?)

I tend to love rings that are less dainty and more rough around the edges, hammered/distressed silver being a personal favorite.

Urban Outfitters has a great selection of rings that offer uniqueness for an affordable price.  Some of them are downright funky, something you won’t find just anywhere.  And hey, isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

Owl jewelry is continuing to make its presence in the accessory world.  I, for one, am more than happy to see its longevity.  This owl ring is available in both muted silver and gold.  It’s a super cute piece and is priced at a reasonable $18.

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Wow, I love this ring.  Paired with the right outfit, this could easily pass for a designer ring priced at hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.  The knuckle length style provides a fun edge, and the gold and azure color pairing is gorgeous.  The style also comes in a muted silver and turquoise pairing.  This is available for $29.

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Another great retailer for those on a budget is Forever 21.  They are a great provider of funky costume jewelry at affordable prices.  Check out some of their newest pieces:

Deer Head Ring
$3.80 (available in silver and gold)

Etched Elephant Ring

Regal Knuckle Ring
$5.80 (available in gold and silver)

Romantic Filigree Ring

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Now, go decorate those fingers! 


One of my favorite brands out there right now is Free People.  The merchandise has such a definitive and cohesive style that encompasses a bohemian, gypsy type of feel.  The styling on the website, as well in as their lookbook and blog, is creative and offers a fresh perspective on how to put together a unique outfit.

Love, love, love this outfit.  A simple tank is made feminine and flirty with the floral pattern and flowing cut.  Not to mention how much the accessories contribute to the overall look – the long beaded necklace coordinates, yet is unique enough to still ‘pop’ against the top.  An array of bracelets, both stacked on the wrists and slid above the elbow, really give this outfit a stylish, laidback feel.  Plus, who can forget that amazing hat??

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This is just perfection.  This kaftan offers a fresh alternative for summer.  One of the best features about this dress is the color/pattern. The fabric is a rich red-orange hue that perfectly accents the tribal style pattern. Again, the styling just makes the overall look.  The somewhat stylishly disheveled appearance of the model’s hair gives her an effortless vibe.  The jewelry (a large statement collar necklace and stacks of bangles) is a perfect addition.  The shoes, of course, speak for themselves. 😉

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So, this is probably a bit more daring to wear out-and-about, but I am still in love with this look.  Maxi skirts are so great for hot weather; plus, they seem to exude a relaxed, dreamy feel.  The tank paired with this skirt is gorgeous, with intricate cutouts that bare the torso.  And…again, I’m gushing about the styling.  But hey, where credit’s due and all that. The model has on a variety of eye-catching jewelry, from a bone colored knuckle length ring to a necklace consisting of a collection of feathers on a delicate chain.  Finally, the floral headpiece just perfectly *tops* the look.

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