One of my favorite brands out there right now is Free People.  The merchandise has such a definitive and cohesive style that encompasses a bohemian, gypsy type of feel.  The styling on the website, as well in as their lookbook and blog, is creative and offers a fresh perspective on how to put together a unique outfit.

Love, love, love this outfit.  A simple tank is made feminine and flirty with the floral pattern and flowing cut.  Not to mention how much the accessories contribute to the overall look – the long beaded necklace coordinates, yet is unique enough to still ‘pop’ against the top.  An array of bracelets, both stacked on the wrists and slid above the elbow, really give this outfit a stylish, laidback feel.  Plus, who can forget that amazing hat??

credit to http://www.freepeople.com/whats-new/ditsy-lace-hi-low-tank/

This is just perfection.  This kaftan offers a fresh alternative for summer.  One of the best features about this dress is the color/pattern. The fabric is a rich red-orange hue that perfectly accents the tribal style pattern. Again, the styling just makes the overall look.  The somewhat stylishly disheveled appearance of the model’s hair gives her an effortless vibe.  The jewelry (a large statement collar necklace and stacks of bangles) is a perfect addition.  The shoes, of course, speak for themselves. 😉

credit to http://www.freepeople.com/whats-new/long-printed-kaftan-dress/

So, this is probably a bit more daring to wear out-and-about, but I am still in love with this look.  Maxi skirts are so great for hot weather; plus, they seem to exude a relaxed, dreamy feel.  The tank paired with this skirt is gorgeous, with intricate cutouts that bare the torso.  And…again, I’m gushing about the styling.  But hey, where credit’s due and all that. The model has on a variety of eye-catching jewelry, from a bone colored knuckle length ring to a necklace consisting of a collection of feathers on a delicate chain.  Finally, the floral headpiece just perfectly *tops* the look.

credit to http://www.freepeople.com/whats-new/daughters-of-the-revolution-ikat-lovie-maxi-skirt/


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